The Story

Abandoned by his mother at a young age, 24-year old Presley French grew up in the shadow of his father and a small town militia group called The Lodge. Four of Bucksville's respected civic leaders, including Presley’s father, founded The Lodge many years ago when a local girl was murdered and the killer released unpunished. Acting upon their codes of ethics, the Lodge elders captured the man and executed him deep in the woods.

Over the years, other executions have been carried out in the name of community service. Today, the brotherhood includes sons and nephews of the founders. Early in the story, Presley’s father dies, and it leads Presley to examine his long time desire to leave Bucksville. Since he was a boy, he dreamed of living in the German Alps. Leaving The Lodge, however, has never been an option for any of its members.

Presley struggles with his ever-increasing trepidations about the brotherhood’s ideology of vigilante executions. This is compounded by the discovery that his uncle, now the new chief, is forming ties with a national radical militia that has a disturbing political agenda. A series of events lead Presley to an epiphany of conscience as realizes he must clandestinely make his final exit. While working out his exit strategy, Presley connects with June, the daughter of the town mayor (Lodge elder). Together, they make plans to flee to Germany. However, The Lodge brothers catch wind of his plans and lure him into a trap.